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Volunteer Staff of Treasure Art IV - 2017

Debi Oulu - Founder, Manager

Debi Oulu has been managing and creatively developing this project for the past four years.   "I love exploring Art as a language, and this project investigates how we converse through art. It is my goal that this project will increase appreciation of art and artists, as well as community.

Mati Ale - Founder, Artist Liason

Mati Ale is an idea maker, and started the concept of Treasure Art four years ago.  He is also a  blogger, street artist, and creator of many art projects.  He has an ability to see the creativity in every one of us.

Kalia Pissaro-stern - Curator

Kalia has been with Treasure Art from the beginning, her skill as a curator is as awsome as her personality.  She is currently creating fashion with her unique creativity and amazing skill.

Judith Yanos - Documentor, Photographer

Judith has been photographing this event for the past few years, as well as participating as an artist.  Her inner beauty matches her external beauty in her art, photography, and in life.

Ori Pilo Kerman - Game Designer

Last year after Ori played in our Scavenger Hunt, he came to us and wanted to help us make the game better. And he has done just that!!!  In his spare time, he is a Biochemist at Tel Aviv University.

Naama Gilad - Exhibition Coordinator

Naama has been part of this project for two years now, and she brings to it her boundless energy, love of art, organizational skills, and.... did we mention her winning smile?

Yoni Danzinger - Artist Liason

Yoni is a full time artist, and part time bar-man.  He has been participating as an artist in this project for the past few years, and this year he is coordinating between the other artists and the project.  

Vardit Alon Korpel - Photographer

Vardit has joined Treasure Art this year as one of the Photographers of the event.  Her skill in capturing the moment is very special. We are very happy to have her on our team.

Naomi J. Malka - Chief Editor

When Neomi has some free time, after managing Omer Tiroche Gallery, and founder of ARTticulator (online blog of art), she is helping us with writting and editing (did we mention she is fluent in English, Hebrew and French?).

Irit Caspi - Translator/Editor and Generally Amazing

Irit has been a player/artist/volunteer on this project from the first year.  She makes sure our print doesnt look like it was written by a 5 year old, and helps with organization on the day of the event.  Without her sharp mind, and big smile, this project would not run so smoothly.

Micol Brunelli- photographer and retoucher

Micol is an artist from Italy, living in London and will be participating for her first time in Treasure Art as an artist.  She has also joined our team in making our new logo. Micol can be contacted at

Dror Kimchi - Photographer

Dror has been with Treasure Art for a few years now capturing those special moments.  He also creates some special moments himself. 

Yaakov Blumenthal

Yaakov is our "everything" man.  He helps in a million and one ways. Video, photography, PR, handyman.  So glad you are on our teem.

Video, general assistance, and amazingly positive attitude

Gallery Uriel 23 - Daniell Stavi

Withough Uriel 23, we dont know what Treasure Art would do. They not only donated us thier space, but they also assist us in any way possible.  And a special thanks to Daniell Stavi for coordinating and assisting, and for her amazingly calm assistance and willing to help.

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