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Treasure Art Hunt

 Giving away  FREE

 pieces of original ART 

worth hundreds  today, 

thousands in future

Combining the elements of place, education and games within our local community, we hope to initiate a new kind of relationship with art

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28-30 September 2018
Nieuw & Meer, Amsterdam

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Nieuw & Meer art community, N&M artists collaborated with international and local artists in a free event, where the public was invited to play with art and nature.

​20 Nieuw & Meer, 9 local, and 15 International artists, together with a team of volunteers produced our 6th event with over 150 people playing the game.

2018 - We had 100 artists participating, and a staff of 14 people, and 420 people registerd to play in the game! We changed to location to Jaffa, and the Cuckoos Nest Gallery.  We also added a new element to the game: the auction.  Participants and Artists enjoyed the auction as it allowed people to bid on the art pieces they really wanted. 20 of the 100 art pieces in the art for sale sold at this exhibition. All proceeds went directly to the artists.

2017 - We had 60 artists participating, and a staff of 14 people, and 300 people playing the game! In addition to holding it again in Gallery Uriel 23 in Florintine, It was the first year we opened the Pop-UP store.  We sold over 30% of the art in the pop-up store (all proceeds went directly to the artists).

2016 was the first year we placed all the art in a Gallery and the magnets on the streets. We moved to Florentine neighborhood and Uries 23 Gallery. We held a large opening of the exhibition one week prior to the game. On the streets were hidden magnets with the number of the art work written on it. whoever would find the magnet could return and receive the art piece which correlated to the magnet number. 


Marco had some artwork that he wanted to give away (he wanted to clear out his old series, in order to start working on a new one). We at Treasure Art (MATH TLV) decided to give him a one man art exhibition + treasure hunt. We used this as a pilot for a new way to play the game. hiding the magnets with numbers on them only that coorelate with the numbers on the art work in the gallery. The turnout was great and the new formula for Treasure was discovered. We used this in Treasure Art III to great success!

2015 we hid magnets again on Rothschild Boulevard, yet more and more artists were leaving notes for people to pick up the art at the after party.  We understood from this that leaving the art on the streets was not leading people to respect the art.  Another important lesson learnt. This year the After Party was held at Tiny Tiny Gallery in Florentine.

2014 - Our first year.  Most artists made art on magnets which were hidden on Rothschild Boulevard .  We had an after party at "The Little Prince" restaurant.  We tried working with an APP to help find the art pieces, but with frustrating results.  We also had a few "stalkers" following the artists as they hung up thier art, and left nothing for others...  Each year from there on we have stroven to make the game more respectable to both the artists and the players.

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