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Introducing the volunteer staff of Treasure Art VI - Amsterdam - 2018.

Debi Oulu - Founder, Manager

Debi Oulu has been creatively developing this project for the past five years.  "I love exploring Art as a language, and this project investigates how we converse through art. It is my goal that this project will increase appreciation of art and artists, as well as community. Oulu is a full time interactive artist.

Kalia Pissaro-stern - Curator

Kalia has been with Treasure Art from the beginning, her skill as a curator is as awsome as her personality.  She is currently combining fashion and art with her unique creativity and amazing skill.

I'm an inter-disciplinary manager and designer who is passionate about cross-media projects and whoaims to partner with those who are actively inventing the future. A believer at heart, I am at my best whenI can combine my understanding of research, design, and business strategy to a cause worth building for.

Experience Designer - Game Designer - Strategic Designer

Sander, Alexander, Sikander or Salamander as he is variously called, abandoned a perfectly reasonable future as a physicist to co-found Logic Locks and create price-winning real-life gaming experiences. Now, instead of solving the mysteries of nature, he creates mysteries to unleash upon the world at large to instill a sense of playfulness and wonder into peoples souls.

During my youth in Germany I started to work as a graphic designer and printer, finished mandatory military service and moved to the Netherlands to study Psychology. I finished Research Master in Social & Organisational Psychology. During the studies I co-founded a company to design real-life games and theatrical experiences. While many of our games are for recreational purpose, I also design serious games that help to facilitate group work. I teach gamification, decision making and game design and are driven by a universal curiosity about the varieties of human experiences and the challenges of human interaction.

In addition to his day job, in his premier debut as an Actioneer, Rei has the charm of an elephant, the humor of a chimpanzee, and a mouth of a parrot - in other words, everything you would want in an Auctioneer.

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