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 Debi Oulu 

Contact:, 054-4633252

$$ When I define myself as an artist, it is not a profession, but a way of life. It is what I do.  It is who I am every moment of the day. My “Art” is the way in which I express this with myself and others. Art for me is about exploration, and communication. Exploring the rules and boundaries we imagine to be real, and then testing and stretching them. It’s about searching for alternative ways to connect, through art, with other people. I began by questioning my most fundamental nature – my sexuality. I have expanded to other issues of fear, obsession, reality, all the while experimenting on how to best communicate this to the “other participant” through the art itself. I define myself as a multi-disciplinary artist, because I don’t feel bounded by one medium. To me they are all different materials or “languages” that can be used in the creation and expression of art

  • Materials: glass, led, ropes

  • Size, Demensions of Art: 20 x 20

  • Title of art: Little Burner

  • 400 NIS

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Number in Game: #1

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