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2018 - We had 100 artists participating, and a staff of 14 people, and 420 people registerd to play in the game! We changed to location to Jaffa, and the Cuckoos Nest Gallery.  We also added a new element to the game: the auction.  Participants and Artists enjoyed the auction as it allowed people to bid on the art pieces they really wanted. 20 of the 100 art pieces in the art for sale sold at this exhibition. All proceeds went directly to the artists.

The amazing volunteer staff of 2018. Check out who are the people who made this event happen.

Within the first 48 hours of publishing our call for artists this year, we already had 100 artists registered and a waiting list of 30 more.  check out the amazing artists and thier art for 2018.

Judith Yanos, Vardit Alon Korpel, and Dror Kimchi were our projects photographers this year.  Check out what great photo's they took of the different events: Artists Meeting, Exhibition Opening, Treasure Hunt Game.

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