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2017 - we had 60 artists participating, and a staff of 14 people, and 300 people playing the game! It was the first year we opened the Pop-UP store, where we sold over 30% of the art (all proceeds went directly to the artists. 

The amazing staff of 2017. Check out who are the people who made this event happen.

60 artists and 120 pieces of art joined our team in 2017. Each artist submitted two pieces this year, one for the game and one to sell in the Pop-Up store.  We found a direct correlation between people playing in the game, and an increase in sales of art.

Judith Yanos, Vardit Alon Korpel, and Dror Kimchi were our projects photographers this year.  Check out what great photo's they took of the different events: Artists Meeting, Exhibition Opening, Treasure Hunt Game.

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